Sunday, 19 June 2016

The roller coaster kept going

So.. On Monday My Grandma from my Mom's side passed away.. She wasn't in the best condition recently, but not that bad till it would happen all of a sudden. Mom told me after she showered on a Monday evening. She's leaving at night to Penang later on, which I eventually told her that I wanna go back with her.

I just wanna be with her. My Mom just came back from Penang visiting her and she passed the day after.. I felt really bad because we all wanna be around when important events like these happen. Had a long talk with Mom in the bus, I can't help to feel like a kid around her.. Maybe because I'm just manja that way.. Told her that I got a job offer in Singapore.. and we talked about other stuff. I just wanna keep her accompanied.

The news spreads fast, and I have a pretty big family on my Mom's side.. Everyone came back and there was so many cousins, we sat on the ground instead of the mat. It was a hokkien funeral, and its usually quite elaborate and ALOT ALOT ALOT OF things need to be done.. Still trying to figure out the tradition and what it all meant..

My Grandma always makes sure we had city food when me and my brothers visits Penang. City food like nuggets, and fried food, cause kampung food doesn't appeal to us when we're young.. We used to live in a double story wooden house with a huge ass backyard, with a huge tree with a swing, we have turtles, chickens and tons of vegetable growing. I spent most of the time in the backyard when I was a kid.. I even climbed into the pond where they kept the turtles... I had a pretty awesome childhood..

I do miss her.. I just came back from penang and I always bid goodbye before I leave the house.. and shes no longer around.. But I;m glad shes with grandpa now, buried together side by side.. I'm sure grandpa miss her loads.

your grandson miss you loads too

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