Sunday, 19 June 2016


yup... KIDDYSTICK is moving to Singapore.. I've been applying jobs for the past 1.5 months and trying to get a job anywhere but Malaysia. Malaysia is great.. but not for my industry.. Me being a 23 years old kid, I just wanna be anywhere far away. Anywhere actually.. I don't mind moving to anywhere to be honest.. Japan, Korea, Bangkok. I want to change my environment, to have a new culture to adapt to..

But the whole employment thingy isn't going as smooth as I thought.. No one will employ a fresh grad aboard.. I sent so much application to Macau and didn't get back from them.. Which is a little sad cause if I'm there I can visit Taiwan and China for vacation or something..


But this company from SG that I'll be working in, I have the trust in them. IDK why, but my instinct tells me that its my calling. So I'm going with it and they have been really helpful and sincere.

I'm excited to move to Singapore actually. I'm not a person who likes to be at home much. I rather be anywhere than home.. I guess I'm just gonna be another Malaysian that works in Singapore I guess ?

Moving to SG is also like a new chapter in my life. I'm so so so done with KL.. I need a change.. Maybe start fresh.. and focus on what I want in life... I'll be in SG for the next 2-3 years minimum.. So.. I wanna
1) Work my ass off in the restaurant industry. Learn a lot, get promoted, and be knowledgeable about everything.. BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.. cheehh quoting from Me before You haha.
2) Pay off my student loan.. it'll take forever for me to pay back if I work in KL.
3) Save up for my future travels. Gonna do working travel in Australia when I'm 27.. so I have 3-4 years to save up. And I'll be traveling for a good 6 months after Australia.. so.. I'm looking at 15 months worth of travel money.
4) HIT THE GYM ! I googled the nearest gym in SG near my place.. lol... I wanna gain size, and achieve my fitness goal.
5) Enjoy my own company, and stop falling into dicksands.. sg men are tempting.. i'm not gonna lie..

so yea... I have to settle everything off in before I head down.. fingers crossed



  1. Just delete those apps. I was young once and now with all of it gone, it's easier to focus. Not going to lie, SG men are Gorg

  2. yup... deleted them... but... how am i gonna know new gay friends if i don't have them....