Friday, 27 May 2016

How to be a Heart breaker

I shouldn't be listening to Marina and the Diamonds.. I'm already really messed up as a person... Its even gonna be even more messed up...

SO... yesterday night, my friends asked me to go to this party someone is throwing. THE RED PARTY. There is also a dress code for obvious reasons.. Red for the ladies and men in tuxs. So yay... Get to play dress up abit. Comb back my hair and sweat so much in my formals... I feel like a sweating pig after a marathon... its alot of work to make myself look good..

To make sure at least I'm presentable enough to approach or be approached or maybe break a few hearts... JUST SAYING...I went there to support my girls. I can't recognize them in drag.. LIKE FULL ON DRAG MAKEUP, DRESS, HEELS AND WIG. I can never look at them the same way again.. cause they're so so so pretty...

You know how in this gay circle.. everyone isn't very serious... kissing is like shaking hands.. shaking hands is merely just a friendly gesture of saying hi... I guess I was just going with the flow and not be serious about stuff.. so kissing and everything is fine ?

I'm trying to ditch some guys when things are getting awkward cause I don't like attachment.. especially from a awkward start... But there is this cute cute cute guy.. He caught my attention when he's dancing in mesh see through singlet.. I can't deny I have a thing for bad boys... (I'm so getting myself in trouble...)

I wasn't hoping much that I'll be able to talk to him, cause I'm bad at approaching. I was just sitting there and he passed by and looked at me, and said "cute.." and touch me on my cheeks. Me being shy just smile and didn't do much.. Throughout the night.. We did exchange glance and we get close. He sat on my lap.. I sat on his. Cuddled...

I spend the night there too.. (I know what yall are thinking.. but no..) We cuddled and kissed... ALOT.. hes a good kisser too. The romantic kisser type... Kay... I think high chances hes gonna break my heart instead of me breaking his...



  1. i know a lot of gay couples that are together for more than 10 years, perhaps you need to change the mindset that all gay guys are the same...and as for the heart break part, you reap what you sow, but then, if you have accepted the mistakes you had done in the past and try not to do the same mistake again, then karma won't let you become a victim, instead it would show you the path to true love...i hope you will find true love...

    take care and bless it be...

    1. i get what you mean... I guess I'm exploring everything so I can have a better picture of what its like.. But no doubt. I still believe in love.. just that he's maybe a little hard to find

  2. me want kiss too.

  3. I wanna fuck you hard you cutie!