Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Kiddystick in in SINGAPOREEE

yup ! I'm in Singapore right now ! After being in Malaysia for like... 23 years... I need to change my environment a bit. To leave my family is a little hard for me. But I know I need to do this, I just can't stay in Malaysia any longer. The place is killing me slowly.. Plus the industry I work in pays like shit there... It'll take forever for me to pay back my student loan.. 

Its really exciting to be here.. ALL THE MEN....  Its just so organized here, the train, the escalator is so fast.. I just hope I can control my urges to... you know... *cough cough* they are quite irresistible.. 

I'm gonna work in chinatown in a restaurant.. Hopefully everything is ok. Its a great restaurant and its somewhere I would love to work in. Just hope everything will work out. 

I miss my friends and my family alot.. and my fuckbuddies...



  1. Replies
    1. thanks. I just passed my medical... so I'm gonna be here.. fingers crossed

  2. Enjoy the change in scenery!

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